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Do you need a wedding videographer? If so, then price should be the last thing you consider when choosing one.

You only want to select the best one. Here are some tips on how to pick the best wedding videographer in Memphis.


View Samples

Compare at least three to four wedding videographers by going to their website and seeing if they have samples of their work on there. Different professionals have different styles, and you want to choose the videographer that will capture your wedding in the style you have in mind. If there are no samples available on their website, then call them and ask if they can provide you with some. If a wedding videographer doesn’t have a website or if it doesn’t look professional, then this is a red flag, and you should continue searching for one.


Experience Matters

Find a wedding videographer that has experience, and if you find one that has never shot wedding videos, then ask them if there are samples of what they can do. Even brand new wedding videographers should have videos of what they can do, and if they don’t, then this means they probably don’t have enough experience. If a new videographer has awesome videos online and you’re impressed with their work, then go ahead and hire them. However, experienced videographers that have worked with couples before is probably your best bet, so try to find one that has experience


Read Reviews

You can learn a lot about videographers in your city by reading reviews about them. Just keep in mind that it’s alright if they have a few negative reviews, as long as they have more positive reviews than anything else. You want to hire a professional that is known for being reliable, does great work and is personable, and reading reviews can give you an idea if they are



The equipment a videographer uses matters, so if they don’t have quality equipment, then don’t hire them. The best professionals have high-end cameras, as well as other types of equipment that will help them create an amazing video of your big day. If a videographer insists on using a smartphone or an iPad to record, then walk away and find another videographer. The best videographers take their work seriously, and this is why they will have quality equipment.